Nurturing the Parent-child Relationship

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I am offering virtual support to people who want fertility/cycle support/pre-conception/pregnancy/postpartum 

I am here to support you/your partner in making sure your needs are met. I support the creation of all families, birthing or not binary or non-binary.

I am also in-training to provide baby-led sleep support for families.

Please reach out with any questions/sliding-scale options.

My mission is to help birthing parents feel more balanced and empowered, by supporting their journey and helping them discover that what they need, lies inside. As a doula, I practice active listening to guide in self-nourishment themselves, and holistic support. (physical, mental and emotional).

My vision is to help families create more harmonious and peaceful lives for themselves, for their babies and for their families. The world is in need of spiritual healing, which starts with us. Each birth, whether it is a physical birth, or a rebirthing of the mother, contributes to healing our society.

Pregnancy, birth, and the growth of a family is one of the most beautiful things about humanity. They are what keep our species ongoing. As a student of anthropology, I developed my interest in people and culture. Studying various cultures, my fascination has grown by learning about how different cultures view pregnancy, birth and postpartum. And I am constantly growing in this way. As a doula, I feel honored to explore this. I want to offer care that is as accessible as possible, which is why I offer a sliding-scale to those who need it. Thank you for sharing your journey. 


"Eva was a comforting presence for me in the first month after my twins were born. She came into my house and intuitively knew what needed to be done, from cleaning to organizing to rocking a fussy baby. I would 100% recommend her to any family looking for some extra support."

"Eva has such a sweet calming energy and she created a space that felt really safe to discuss anything and everything. As a newcomer to working with my cycle and my relationship to it, I felt really accepted with where I was in my knowledge. I was really inspired to keep learning afterwards!"


        "I met Eva in 2017 when we were neighbors in Pacific Beach. I had just found out that I was pregnant and she was amazing support from then on. Prior to me having the baby, we met a couple times a month and she asked questions that really prepared me for birth and postpartum. Eva helped me consider who I wanted in the delivery room and how I imagined my labor and delivery to progress. She also inquired about who was going to be around in the first few weeks after my son was born to be sure that I had enough support. Eva was a huge support for my personal well being. For the first 6 weeks she came to my house once a week to check in and help with whatever I needed at the time, such as naps, for me and the baby, doing the dishes or just a listening ear. Eva is a wealth of knowledge about breastfeeding, maternal mental health, the wonder weeks, and how to care for yourself as the mother in the postpartum time (including making delicious and individually tailored teas!) I am so grateful for Eva and everything she did for me and my family."


      "As the parents of 6 week old twins as well as three older children, Eva was open and receptive to our wishes regarding ways to take care of the babies and the babies specific feeding needs. She was easy and pleasant to be around as well. Thank you Eva."

"I was half way through my pregnancy and still trying to decide if I wanted a doula, for whatever reason no one seemed to click. Having a doula during my pregnancy didn’t seem like something I needed. Then a friend referred Eva. I didn’t even know there was such thing as a postpartum doula! She was exactly what we needed. What attracted me the most was that she prepared home cooked Ayurvedic meals that were nourishing to my healing body. Eva provided us with help around the house, grocery needs, cooking and light cleaning. She was also an excellent extra pair of hands with the baby. Her meals are prepared with love and so yummy and delicious. They were very supportive of what a woman’s body needs during postpartum. She also provided yoga and meditation to help me relax and help with the ‘baby blues’, and taught me how to give my baby a massage. She is such a sweet and kind soul and so easy to talk to. She’s flexible with time and made it really easy to accommodate to our schedule. We have a small house, with my husband, myself, baby and our big dog, room is tight but having Eva there never felt crowded. Postpartum is such a sacred and special time for the mother, Eva understands that and makes the transition into motherhood seem effortless." 




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